About this site

I used to repair and support PC as a work before.
And had asked really often same questions by many different customers.
I was always thinking "I talked it yesterday, too..." but customer was other person.
It was uninteresting for me doing the same thing every day.

Since I was asked all too many same questions, I doubt about that situation.

"You can always check it yourself and solve the problem on your own."

So, I opened this site the name as it is "selfsolve".

Actually, this is the first site I created and at that time it was going to practice for website development for me.
But before I knew it, various people visit here and I feel a kind of mission now.


As a rule, content about this site "selfsolve" is based on self-responsibility.
Any troubles occur as a result, I do not assume any responsibility.

If you cannot take responsibility for it, you should not handling on your own.
In this case, you should request a service for shop, manufacture or service department.

The content written in this site is based on website manager's experience.
However, if you mistake judgement or operation of it, there are risks of PC cannot boot or loss of data.
There is no safe way of 100%.
You should keep in mind that all of operation have risk while practical operation.

I have experienced of worsening of the situation as I continue dealing with PC having trouble.
Meanwhile, it is true that I have largely learned from it.
For that reason, I'm rooting for the person who understand the above content and exert yourself to solve the problem.

Use softwares

I introduce softwares that useful as solve the PC problem, but when use them, please comply with each License Agreement.

Update site content

Please note that the content of this site might changes, updates, additions or deletions as needed.

Instead "Update the latest information early." for very slow updating is the right!
I am very sorry.